VINEA Le Salon 28th edition

Dear Members of VINEA
Dear Friends and Partners of the Salon VINEA,

Given a very full calendar of major events dedicated to Swiss viticulture, the Association VINEA has decided not to hold the Salon VINEA in 2023. The salon was originally scheduled for September 2nd, and then moved to November 10th where it would have coincided with the iconic Tavolatas du Valais et le Salon Divinum in Morges. In order not to compete with these other important events, the Association preferred to take a break this year and re-schedule the event with intention and strength for the 2024 calendar year, which also happens to be the 30th anniversary of the Salon VINEA.

This decision was taken after consulting with approximately fifty different producers. They noted that their schedules are extremely busy at the end of the year and many expressed the need and desire to organize their own winery open-houses at this time of the year, which contributed to this strategic decision.

Last Trimester full of events

The last trimester of 2023 will nevertheless be full for VINEA. The focus will be put on the organization of the Mondial des Pinots from November 3rd to 5th, followed by the award ceremony of the Festival des Pinots, held n November in Zurich. Additionally, a special event “Mondiaux on Tour” will be held in Berne at the end of November in collaboration with The Mondial du Chasselas” in presenting the medal winning wines from all three of our Mondiaux events (Merlots & Blends, Pinots et Chasselas).

2024 promises to be a year focused on the dialogue between producers and consumers, with a special concentration on the innovation and technology of the new services that will be offered to our members, which will be unveiled on the 1st of December of this year.

L’Association VINEA would like to offer its profound gratitude to its loyal visiteurs, its partners, sponsors as well as to the local authorities, in particular the township of Sierre, for the continued support. A detailed program of events taking place in 2024 will be revealed on December 1st at 17:00 h, at an aperitif offered in the heart of Sierre. An invitiation with full details will be sent in the beginning of November.

We thank you for your understanding and support and look forward to seeing you very soon. We wish you a wonderful rest of your day.

With our best wishes,

Fabienne Bruttin